״Listening is the word״

This inspirational lecture about the art of listening is suitable for any age, gender, and community, weather on a grand stage or in an intimate gathering.

In this lecture, the speaker Sari Jackson Klein, the founder of the Israeli Listening Center, highlights the importance of listening by sharing her personal story about the listening she received in her youth. The lecture equips the participants with ways and tools to improve their listening skills for themselves and others. Sari’s lecture leaves a lasting impression on each person in the audience, and after listening to it, they are likely to experience communication with themselves and others in a more meaningful way.

Recognizing the power of listening and the ability of each person to help even a stranger just by listening is crucial knowledge. The lecture is engaging and touching, and it addresses one of the most significant difficulties that humans face – loneliness and concealment. 

You are invited to join us and receive the gift of listening.