We offer a variety of listening workshops. The best way to choose which is suitable for your needs is to contact us.

Fundamentals of Listening Workshop

This is an interactive 3-hour workshop. The participants are active listeners and are also active in sharing stories and information. 

This workshop teaches us how to listen to the person in front of us: to listen wholeheartedly, with full attention, without judging or asking questions. Being present in the moment with the person, their story, and the special momentous bond between the participants. The objective is to leave the workshop equipped with better tools for deep and focused listening.

Volunteer training workshop

Some of our community projects, such as the listening benches that are scattered in various cities in Israel, incorporate volunteers. The volunteers from the township or private companies receive a single training day in our center to provide them with the basic tools they need for their volunteer work. 

Volunteers comment that the workshop alone was worth it. ☺

Listening for preschoolers

We are all born able to listen.

A newborn baby is not able to speak, however, it has the ability to listen. While it listens to its own needs, it also listens to the environment around it and absorbs what it perceives, and learns. As we grow up, we face various challenges such as dealing with success and failure, setting boundaries, and others. Gradually, the ability to listen to our surroundings fades away, as well as the ability to listen to our inner selves.

This activity is designed to help children maintain those innate skills of listening both internally and externally, and to encourage the adoption of positive values such as patience, tolerance, care, awareness of others, acceptance of reality and self, empathy towards others’ emotions, compassion, and love.

This activity suits every child aged 2 to 6.

Listening workshop for elementary schools and high schools

The reality of life carries with it challenges and complexities that require us to constantly be flexible, adjust the movement of the wings with the wind and not against it, and deal effectively with everything that comes our way.

Life is full of various emotions that we encounter, ranging from joy to sadness, from success to disappointment, and from feeling isolated to feeling like we belong. However, the fast-paced life we live nowadays often leaves children feeling empty, like they’re “not enough,” and without the necessary tools to manage these challenges.

The workshop consists of multiple sessions aimed at providing children and teenagers with tools to listen and develop skills to handle various situations that life may present, enabling them to flourish and spread their wings.